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What happened to my Lenten pledge...

"This year will be different" is what I tell myself each year as I try to take my Lenten Journey deeper (or at least more successful). This is a deeply spiritual and challenging time of year for me, and I would imagine for you too. Each year I fail to "knock out" the Lenten promises that I offer up. If I let myself, I will sink into my failure to keep my pledge for Lent and believe somehow I let God down. However, I can convince myself I tried and then inventory how well I tried - making an honest assessment of how it actually went.

I said this is a deeply spiritual time of year for me. In thinking about the 40 days - I can close my eyes and picture Jesus' days in the desert - his hunger, being tempted by the devil, and his solitude. I can picture his entrance into Jerusalem only to be betrayed by his own people. Sometimes life, today, feels this way - too many temptations for sin. There seems to be a spiritual hunger that gnaws at me during this time of year - maybe you understand? Christ, the second of the trinity; God made Flesh. Christ is a tangible for us as he lived in the world with us. He felt as we do, cried as we do, doubted as we do, and I could imagine felt an enormous spiritual dryness, in that desert, as maybe we do.

Perhaps this year will when I strive to be "more Christ like" I can succeed a little better than years prior. Although, if I fail to be perfect.... well maybe I can get closer

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